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At we carefully screen all of our tutors to ensure that they meet the highest standards of academic achievement, teaching ability, and personal character. We are always trying to please you anyway we can.  
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FAQ - Common Questions
What do I need to attend an tutoring session?
To meet one of our tutors online, you'll need a computer with speakers and a microphone (we recommend a headset with a built-in mic).
You'll also need an Internet connection (we recommend high-speed broadband) and at least 256K RAM ( Frequent users may also find a graphic tablet helpful, though it is not necessary.

Online Math & Science Tutoring


Registering with TutorDr - Click here for more details |

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Why do I need to register with TutorDr?
Registering with TutorDr is the first step in getting you started with our online tutoring. Post registration, you can immediately buy a tutoring package from us and get started.
Is registration free at TutorDr?
Yes, registration is free. We solicit minimum information before you register on our site. You just need to provide:
  • A valid email id *
  • A password *
  • A parent’s name
  • A student’s name *
  • Home phone number *
  • Work number
  • Cell number
(Information marked with an ‘* ‘is mandatory.)
Why was my password not accepted while registering?
Your password needs to be at least 5 characters long. (Also note that your password is case sensitive.)
Why were my phone numbers not accepted while registering?
Phone numbers have to be entered without any special characters such as dot or space.

Lesson plans and educational content - Click here for more details |

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What are the TutorDr Lesson Plans?
  • These are ready-made lesson plans from the TutorDr Integrated Curriculum which is a curricular framework built by using the top four states’ standards in the U.S.
  • These lesson plans, which meet all standards and are produced by academic experts, provide an easy reference for tutors to use while planning and delivering a lesson to students, based on the subject, grade, topic and subtopic they choose when scheduling.

Tutoring Packages - Click here for more details |

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How do I buy a package?
After you login (using the email id and password you have used to register), go to the ‘Buy Now’ link on the ‘My Account’ page and choose the appropriate package. This will take you to our secure payment page where you can pay using a credit card and subscribe to our services.
Does TutorDr provide Test prep help?
Currently TutorDr does not offer specific test preparation packages, but that does not mean you can’t use the service to improve your performance on standardized exams. For SAT or ACT help, we recommend you take the free assessments available in the “Tests and Reports” tab of your account. These diagnostics will help you identify areas of weakness that could impact your score on these exams. Next, simply begin scheduling tutoring sessions to focus on those areas and ensure a fantastic performance on these high-stakes exams.
How does online tutoring work?
We provide tutoring over the internet. You can take your tutoring sessions from the convenience of your home. No more driving to learning centers on weekends, no more tutors in your home and no more looking around your dorm for help! You get high-quality; live one-on-one assistance, and access to worksheets and other educational content round the clock. You can schedule tutoring sessions at your convenience.Tutors and students log into their TutorDr accounts at the scheduled time and share the whiteboard to help write, draw, type and teach/learn lessons. Tutoring with us is fun and very effective.
How much does regular monthly tutoring cost?
Unlike private tutors or learning centers that charge $50 or more per hour, TutorDr provides you with unlimited monthly tutoring for $99.99 per month for grades K - 12 where you can use TutorDr everyday - whenever you need it and as often as you need live one-on-one assistance. Our unlimited monthly package covers Math, Science and English.
Which countries are covered under regular tutoring?
Currently, we offer tutoring for K-12 in subjects like Math, Science and English in the US and India

Hardware and System Requirements - Click here for more details |

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What are the system requirements to get started with online tutoring? (Computer, writing pad)
To get started with online tutoring, you need a computer with a broadband internet connection.
No special equipment or software is needed.
A Digital writing pad is recommended, but not mandatory. This will help you to write and draw pictures on the whiteboard effectively. You can write /draw with a mouse as well, but at times it may seem difficult to navigate with a mouse.
Is there a particular brand of writing tablet I need?
There is no particular brand of writing tablet that we recommend. There are several good models on the market to choose from.
What kind of internet connection do I need?
A high-speed internet connection like DSL or Cable will work best for our tutoring sessions. A dial-up connection with throughput better than 32 kbps would also work well. To know your connection speed, click here. It will take you to a site that is outside You need to select the server/city that is closest to you.
How do I configure my writing tablet for a MAC operating system?
Operating System: Mac 10.1
Hardware: Tablet - Cyber Tablet 6400
For configuring the writing tablet:
1. Plug the writing tablet in to the computer, insert the CD and run it.
Do I need to download any software before I begin my sessions?
Our tutoring sessions are conducted using our whiteboard, which requires the Flash player to be installed on your computer.

Taking Tutoring Sessions - Click here for more details |

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Is there any limit on the number of sessions I can take in a month?
There is no limit on the number of sessions. However at a given point of time you can book 5 active sessions depending on the availability of tutors.
How easy is it to use TutorDr's services? is as easy to use as Skype, Yahoo Messenger with Voice or Google Talk. The student logs in and initiates a tutoring session. The student and tutor communicate using an online whiteboard that is easy and intuitive to use - they can write, type, chat or draw on it, with both of them watching what is being written or drawn. We would also recommend a digital writing pad that makes it easy for the student to write and draw on the whiteboard. You can buy the digital pad online from, Staples, Best Buy or at your local computer store
Which curriculum does the tutor follow?
TutorDr’s tutors adhere to national and state standards. TutorDr’s internal standards have been developed in accordance with the top state curriculum in the United States. Our tutors use the most commonly approved US textbooks to ensure they are teaching appropriately.
  • In case you wish to discuss a specific assignment you have the option of uploading the assignment or specific subject matter text while you schedule a session with your tutor. To upload an assignment go to the 'My Account Dashboard' and click on the 'View future sessions link' and upload your file (The maximum file size which you can upload is 5 Mb). You tutor will be able to access the document and discuss it with you during your session.
Do I get unlimited sessions every month?
Yes, any student who subscribes to our regular monthly tutoring gets unlimited sessions every month.
What subjects does TutorDr cover under the Monthly Tutoring Subscription?
We cover the following subjects for grades K-12:
  • MATHEMATICS: Math, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Analysis, Linear Algebra, Number Theory
  • SCIENCES: Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences
  • ENGLISH: English Grammar, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Literature, Vocabulary and assistance with essays and book reports.
My subject is not on the list of subjects TutorDr covers. What do I do?
TutorDr only offers tutoring in Math, English and Science (Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for K-12.
How effective is TutorDr's tutoring?
Regular one-on-one tutoring is the most effective way to learn. Don't just take our word for it. Measure the student's progress over time after initial assessments/tests, on-going formative assessments and periodic tests. You will see a noticeable improvement in grades as well as performance in school exams.
How convenient is TutorDr's tutoring?
We provide tutoring over the internet from the convenience of your home. No driving to learning centers on weekends, no more tutors in your house and no more looking around your dorm for help! You get high-quality; live one-on-one assistance, access to worksheets and other educational content round the clock.
How does TutorDr compare to learning centers or private tutoring?
TutorDr is better than regular learning centers since students receive the complete attention of their tutors. Most learning centers have three students per tutor and charge $50 or more per hour. Others provide only worksheets! Private tutors are expensive, usually charging $70 or more per hour. TutorDr provides high quality one-on-one tutoring at only $99.99 a month. In addition, TutorDr provides worksheets, practice tests, lessons and even animations. Our interactive material makes learning engaging and more effective than typical face-to-face tutoring.
Does every student get personalized instruction?
  • TutorDr’s instruction is completely personalized. Students work one-on-one with an expert tutor who gives the student 100% attention.
  • Students can book sessions with tutors they have used in the past. This means a student can continue working with the same tutors time and again. The tutors will better understand the student’s needs, learning styles, and what approaches and techniques work best for that individual student.
  • A student can identify four or five tutors he/she enjoys working with in each subject, and then use the ‘Preferred Tutor Tool’ to book sessions with those tutors whenever they are available. This will give the student a greater continuity of experience and ensure an even more personalized learning environment.

Billing and Payment - Click here for more details |

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I have been charged twice. What do I do?
Check when the second transaction has taken place. If it has occurred within a couple of minutes of the first one, then there has been a double charge. At this point please contact the Customer Service team and they will refund the money to your account.
Which credit cards are accepted at TutorDr?
We accept Visa, Master, American Express and Discover cards. For your convenience, we are continually trying to add more options and cards to our list.
Are credit card transactions safe?
Yes, absolutely. We use the SSL 128 bit encryption so that your data is safely transmitted over the Internet.
How do I pay for my subscription?
You can pay using credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express, and Discover). All information is 128-bit encrypted, so your data is secure.
How do I pay using my credit card?
You need to provide information on your credit card on our payment page. All details are passed through a SSL 128-bit encrypted layer, so you do not have to worry about the safety of the data that you enter.
Do you charge at the beginning of the subscription period or at the end?
We charge at the beginning of the subscription period.
Does TutorDr bill me the day I begin my free trial?
Typical free trials may vary between a week and two weeks. You will not be billed on the first day.
At the end of a free trial session, what do I need to do to continue taking sessions with TutorDr?
When you sign-up for our free trial, you may utilize our services the exact same way as a regular monthly subscriber. At the end of the free trial period, your card will be automatically charged. If you prefer not to continue with our services, you may inform our Subscription Service or Care team by writing to
Why are you asking for my credit card information?
This is required for us to automatically charge you at the end of each subscription period.

Our Tutors - Click here for more details |

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How good are the tutors? What are their qualifications?
TutorDr hires only experienced tutors. Most of our tutor’s have a Master’s or Ph.D. or a Bachelor’s degree with an additional degree in education. They have 5 to 10 years of teaching experience and good teaching credentials. Our tutors undergo weeks of intensive training and pass stringent certification exams before they start tutoring. Our tutors adhere to national and state academic standards and curricula. Unlike tutoring exchanges, our tutors are employees. Students can select their preferred tutors while scheduling sessions.
How are the tutors certified?
Tutors go through a rigorous training program varying from 2 weeks to a month and are required to pass various levels and types of assessments. The general certification routine involves assessing them on subject matter, teaching skills, technological awareness and effective pedagogy among other things.

In addition, some of the tutors will go through further rounds of training and assessment for English as a Second Language (ESL); e-tutoring etc.

Assessment is done through written tests and actual simulation of the teaching experience so that a 360 degree view of the teacher can be obtained. The bar is set very high and only the best are certified.
How to I enter an tutoring session?
Once you schedule a session, a link will be emailed to the address you provide (be sure to enter your information carefully!). First time users will also be emailed an overview of our service.
Is this safe?
Absolutely. We guarantee that all students will be meeting qualified, trained, and screened tutors who meet our highest standards of professionalism. Our online program is dedicated to providing the same quality service that we've been providing since 2001.
What if I need to cancel my online tutoring appointment?
There is a cancellation period where you can cancel your scheduled appointment up to 4 hours in advance. If you need to cancel less than 4 hours prior to your appointment you will be charged.
I can’t find a tutor in the subject I need?
If you cannot find the tutor you need using our online scheduling system then you can contact us to request a tutor and we will try to find one for you.
I can’t find the specific course I need help in?
If your specific course is not listed, try to find the one that is most similar because our tutors possess a broad area of knowledge and they will most likely be familiar with your material as long as the courses overlap. If you cannot find anything similar to your course then please contact us and we will be happy to try and find someone for you.
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